Eyes to the Soul

By Vexen Crabtree 1998

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The text of this poem against a green and natural background.

Plain text version:

* Give a kingdom to hold your hand.
* Give my soul to see your eyes.
* Protect you, protect your friends,
* Protect your lovers; they'll not understand.
* They're shy and soft: your eyes and friends.

* Break my back, break a bone
* All my lovers are running around.
* Protect all of those people, protect this land.
* Protect your keepers, saving this home.
* Because that man
*               that man The Reaper is coming around.

* He cares not for you, he cares not for me.
* He has his harvest and he's happy as can be.
* He helps the old, he helps the sick.
* He will find us, he will find us.
* Hell is his abode, hell is his will.

* Your eyes shine through,
* your weaknesses are my strength.
* I will always be this loyal,
* I will always stand by you.
* The only hope is togetherness: Our strength.

* A glowing companionship;
* Twixt thine body and soul.
* A divine inspiration of honesty.
* Beautiful eyes show this hardship:
* Not mine, your eyes only see my soul.

Current edition: 1998 Jun
Parent page: Unforgiving Circumstances: Poetry and Artwork

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